Short-Term Loans

Short Term Loans

With this uncertain world, no one can say that when they face any money deficit. Many US households struggle to keep up with the monthly expenses and any unplanned expenditure can hit the budget hard. This is the main reason why people use short term loans to cover any temporary budget gap.

Why take a short term loan?

In such cases fast monetary assistance is required and there are several options how to overcome them depending on type of expense and available source of income. Most of the time, these types of issues come in form of medical emergencies, unplanned car repair bills, home rentals etc. In such scenario short term cash loans is the right way to go for no matter how good or bad is your credit score. This might be the best way to get some cash fast and for a short period if you know that the next pay check is to come and a week or two.

Applying in few easy steps

Availing a payday loan for a short period is quick and hassle free process which involves filling a simple online application form and some communication with potential short term cash lenders afterwards. In fact the easiness and quickness of the overall application process makes this type of short period loans very popular among working Americans. There is no need to visit the bank or local cash store to get the money you need.

How much can I borrow?

While you are eligible for a quick short-term loan, you can borrow any amount which is ranging from $200 to $1500 and sometimes it can be easily extended to $3000 only if the applicant is fulfilling certain income criteria. Interest rate in short term loans is higher due to lower requirements than traditional bank loans or secured personal loans. In case you need more than $1500 then it would be wiser to consider other types of loans, for instance installment loans can offer you higher amounts.

Expect higher interest rate

It is obvious that when you are getting smaller loans until the next payday, surely, you have to pay more because, in such loans, there are a number of risks which direct lenders have to take. Increased risks for the lenders directly affect the maximum amount of loan that can be disbursed and the maximum interest rate and associated fees.

About loan repayment

The repayment terms and interests are varied, from each other and it also depends on the loan providers how much they will charge while availing you the desired loan amount. There are other factors as your credit score, sources of income or bad credit history which influence the final interest rate. Before signing the agreement with the selected lender make sure that you have ready the contract, it is clear and has no hiddent strings attached. If you have any questions regarding the service then please ask those before signing the contract. Keep in mind than in some cases you can cancel the contract without any fees during 24-48 hours after signing the agreement, the rules vary from state to state.

Benefits of short term cash loans

Apart from high interest rates there are also benefits which make short term cash advance so attractive.

  • Some people who have bad credit history and as a result bad credit score have hard time taking long term loans with lower interest rates, but they still have high chances of being approved for a short-term loan.
  • Short-term loans are 100% faxless which means that there is no need to send any documents via fax. This is because, processing of such type of loans is being done online 24/7.
  • These loans are fast! Sometimes, they need a few minutes or sometimes they take maximum 24 hours to get approval.
  • The borrower is free to decide how to use these loans, be it an expensive gift or an unplanned emergency expense.
  • Overall lower requirements than traditional loans.

In case of successful approval

After approval the money is deposited by the lender directly to borrower’s bank account. In most cases the overall process from application to funding takes just several hours. These are the advantages of short term bad credit loans by which people get instant help while they are in a complicated life situation and require immediate financial assistance.